Supporting your every move since 1991

Ash Vale office opens

16th September 1991

Ash Vale office opens

Tony opens our first office in Ash Vale during the midst of one of the worst recessions in living memory and pink boards become a first on the Surrey and Hampshire streets.

The first poster!

1st January 1992

The first poster is released.

Mark Kirby joins

1st March 1992

Mark Kirby joins the team.

Carlo Stocchetti joins

1st March 1993

Carlo Joins the Ash Vale Team.

Farnborough office opens

16th September 1993

Tony & Dominic open the Farnborough office.

Dan Pockett joins

1st November 1993

Dan Pockett Joins the Ash Vale team.

The pink blobby board

1st January 1994

The pink blobby boards takes to the streets.

Richard Pinnock joins

1st September 1994

Richard Pinnock Joins Farnborough Team.

Frimley office opens

16th September 1995

Carlo & Tony open the Frimley office.

Knaphill office opens

16th August 1997

Carlo opens the Knaphill office.

James Baldry joins

1st January 1998

James Baldry joins the team.

Yateley office opens

1st April 1998

Carlo & Tony open Yateley office. 


1st May 1998

Bridges go digital! Angry staff do not want computers and threaten to leave.

Guildford office opens

1st February 1999

James Baldry opens the Guildford office.

Disaster strikes!

1st February 2000

Tony & Carlo become victims of a fraud and are forced to close Guildford & Yateley in order to concentrate on saving the company’s reputation.

Rosemary Ward joins

1st February 2001

Rosemary Ward Joins the team.

Aldershot office opens

16th September 2003

The huge Aldershot office opens.

The first Aldershot poster!

1st April 2004

Jo Hodgson joins

1st June 2004

Bill Byrne joins

1st August 2004

Lettings opens

1st August 2007

Frank Cooper joins

1st February 2008

Frank Cooper Joins our Farnborough Team.

James McPhee joins

1st April 2011

James McPhee joins to lead the Farnborough Team.

Ash Vale Central opens

1st April 2012

Fleet office opens

1st September 2013

Farnham office opens

1st May 2014

New website goes live

1st September 2016