Bespoke Property Investment Service

At Bridges, we offer a bespoke property investment service to guide you through the process of renting out a property and becoming a landlord. Our Rent My House landlord’s seminars are free to attend and cover the areas you need to be aware of if you want to become a professional landlord. Nobody can succeed alone.

For every millionaire buy-to-let property investor, there was a group of people working behind the scenes who helped in their success. To be a successful property investor you need to bring together a powerful group of people who you can trust to help you get what you want – equity, growth and income. This can take time and it can be overwhelming.

At Bridges, we have already compiled our dream team so you don’t have to. We have estate agents, financial advisors, solicitors, accountants, property managers, electricians, cleaners, painters, inventory clerks, roofers and plumbers, all of whom are tried and tested and are available to you through our varying property management service levels. We have packaged our management service to make becoming a landlord easy to understand and accessible. We’ll give you the confidence you need to want to start investing in and renting out your property.

“Are your current income and savings plans enough to build true financial wealth?”

“As first time investors, I found Bridges proactive in explaining the process to us, as well as giving us good pointers on what to look for.”

“Understanding Buy-To-Let is like buying a car. You don’t need to be a mechanic or an engineer to drive it. That expertise is available if you need it and having that safety net is important to keep you motoring along”.

We offer the bridge between your money/capital and a potentially healthy buy-to-let return. If you bought a £100,000 investment house each year, putting down £10,000 deposit and achieving a 5% rate of return on the total value of the asset, you would have over a million pounds worth of property in less than a decade and could have more than tripled your own investment. This illustrates the power of compounding and is one way that equity growth can be achieved.Procrastination is the natural assassin of opportunity. Every year you put off investing makes your ultimate goals more difficult to achieve.