Mark Richards

Hub Team Leader
01252 361550

Mark is our Hub Team Leader who uses his experience as a local estate agent to ensure that the whole Bridges Hub team is delivering an outstanding experience to all of our clients.


Having been an estate agent for a number of years working in the local area I have come to have a deep understanding of what things an estate agent can choose to do to make the buying and selling experience as excellent as possible.  It is important to me that the magic and excitement that any buyer or seller experiences at the start of the process is maintained right the way through to the point of passing keys over.  Equally that those who are in difficult or stressful situations get the job done in the right way and the right time frame.

I like to make sure that we consistently deliver on that ethos and shine above the competition in my role as Hub Team Leader by working with and developing an industry leading team of stand-out people.



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